Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Absolutely not!"

was my reply when the 12 year asked me if I could help her cook up some food for her history class the next day. It was 5:00. I was tired. The "I could hardly keep my eyes open" kind of tired. Also, I was on my way out the door to take the 10 year old to dance class. I still needed to make dinner for my own family that evening. When would I have a chance to rush over to the grocery store in order to buy the necessary supplies for this little "dish" for history class?!!! I needed to get more information.

"What exactly did your teacher say? When did he ask you to do this?"

"Well, when I was on my way out to the bus, he saw me and said, "Hey, you know how we were talking about bringing a dish to class? Why don't you do that for tomorrow?""

"Oh, so is this for a grade?"


"Well, he can't do that. He can't say, "Bring this dish" and then expect me to drop everything so that I can help you get it done."

"I know. No one likes him."

"Well, you can just tell him at school tomorrow that it is rediculous of him to make that kind of request."

"Ma, you won't have to do a thing. I promise."

"Right. I've heard that before. What were you thinking that you wanted to make?"

"My group was studying China, so I was thinking I could make stir fry."

"Stir fry for 25 people? Are you kidding me? No way. How exactly were you going to keep that from spoiling? Your history class is at the end of the day. When have you made stir fry before?"

"Stir fry is easy to make."

"Honey, I have to get going. I'm sorry, but I need to have more notice than this. You'll just have to tell your teacher that we couldn't make it happen. I have to put my foot down on this one. My answer is definitely NO." it only took us a few hours to make pot stickers that night. One for every kid. The 12 year old now knows how to blanch cabbage and make dough. We packed the pot stickers (and dipping sauce) into a little cooler so that the "dish" would still be edible at the end of the day.

Everyone loved them.

Shut up.

The rest of the girls got in on the cooking action the next day. We had to do something with the leftover filling, didn't we?


Anthony said...

who is that tall woman in the back of the photo?

bluesugarpoet said...

She is really 4'6, you know. Those "kids" are really professional adult actors placed in the scene to make her look tall.

pjd said...

She's 46? She looks a lot younger than that.

verification word is eqykhdpq. I think that's a little severe.

Anonymous said...

If that story didn't so clearly foretell my future, I would laugh.

Instead, I'm starting a list of "Foods by Country that can be made in 20 minutes"...

(And I think Pete's whining.... :) )

bluesugarpoet said...

Oh, just ignore him. :)

Welcome to the blog, aerin. :) Yes, seeing as how I have three more in the troupe, I think I need to make that list too, lol. ASAP

Ch@ndy said...

Our elementary school had the infamous "Heritage Feast". Each child (parent) was supposed to bring some food from (one of their)ethnic background(s).

I was so thankful my babys' daddy was 1/2 Irish because there is nothing quicker than instant mashed was either that or a wheel of brie and a bottle of wine.

Anthony said...

pjd, that wasn't 46, that was a transposition. She meant 6'4. and they're making you type a verification word? LOL.

I'm all set. My family's ethnic food is going to be doughnuts. I just need to figure out what ethnicity I need to become for that.