Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Speaking of shortness

"you look much taller in your photo"

Anthony - you are hilarious! Your comment reminds me of a little inside joke Poetroad and I have.

Neither of us are particularly tall (I am 5'3" and Poetroad is 5'7"). More than a few times, when Poetroad and I have watched a movie or TV show with my dad, my dad has said something such as, "You know that John Wayne is kind of short in real life? He's only like 6'1"." Or "Tom Cruise is tiny. He's only 5'7"."

Of course we've taken that to a whole new level. "You know that John Wayne is tiny in real life? He's only like 4'11". Yeah, it was hard work surrounding him with all of those short actors. Did you know that Robert Duvall is really a dwarf?"


Anthony said...

Bob Dylan has an excellent line in one of his songs:

"What looks large from a distance,
close up ain't never that big."

pjd said...

Maria and I were in the Oakland airport once, many years ago, and we happened to go through the security line immediately following the Phoenix Suns.

With that in mind, I respectfully disagree with Mr. Dylan's lyric.

Anthony said...

He says some strange things. The very next line is:

"Never could learn to drink that blood,
and call it wine."

that has always given me pause for thought.