Friday, April 25, 2008

The Beginning of The End

It's really happening. We are moving to California. Today, Poetroad began the journey to Sacramento. His new job begins next Monday.

I have to be honest. Leaving Austin is like breaking up with a lover who is no good for you. You know you *have* to leave, but every fiber in your being wants to stay. Poetroad and I have never been so attached to a place. It's a very strange feeling. I know Poetroad's heart aches. There are a lot of people here who are artists like us. You know - weirdos. We fit in here well.

That being said, Austin is just a city. Life will go on. Sacramento awaits, and there are memories to be made there.

So on our last night here, we went out to eat at a place that could be called "Austin Authentic" - The County Line: Home of the Big Rib. Notice the statue of the two headed calf on top of the building.

Here is Poetroad eating a big rib. Mmmmm! Tasty!

Definitely eat at The County Line if you are ever in Austin. Beware of one tiny detail, though: if you are looking for healthy options on the menu, this is not the restaurant for you. Vegetable dishes include potatoes (mashed or fried), baked beans, coleslaw or salad. They do not serve fruit. Make sure you order a plate of homemade bread for your appetizer - it's delicious. For the main course, I recommend the brisket or the ribs.


pjd said...

Now I'm hungry.

From the center of the barbecue ribs universe to the central valley where half the world's produce is grown.

By the way, I saw my other friend from Sacto the other day, and he'd be totally up for doing a Cal and UC Davis football game.

Welcome to CA! Let us know when your housewarming is.

bluesugarpoet said...

Being near you and your family - now that is something to get excited about!

(I'm sure Poetroad would say that going to a great football game with friends is a close second.) :)

Anthony said...

I'm hungry too. and across the street from the hotel I'm in is... well, you'd never believe me...

"Moby Dick's Shish-Kabob Hut" or something like that.

Anthony said...

and; sorry you'll be split up for a little while. hope the time passes quickly.

Ch@ndy said...

I'm thrilled that y'all are headed west...and not too far from some some of my other favorite peoples. I can't wait for June!

bluesugarpoet said...

AND I will be a days drive from Ch@ndy. YAY!

bluesugarpoet said...

Anthony - did you eat at Moby Dick's?

Anthony said...

No; I didn't get a chance. People told me it was a good place, though.