Thursday, April 03, 2008

I ate leftover spicy crab rolls for lunch,

and decided to garnish each with a generous squirt of wasabi. I didn't realize, however, (until much later) that the entire packet of wasabi was meant to be doled out sparingly over all of the rolls in the tray and not slathered on just the two rolls I ate.

In other news, my sinuses are well drained right now.


Anthony said...

oh look what trader joe's sells.

bluesugarpoet said...

Oh, peas! Round and green
Wonderfulness even in
Wasabi. Oh my!

pjd said...

Maria loves the wasabi peas. Me, I just like wasabi.

Ch@ndy said...

maria introduced me to those wasabi peas...they are sort of addicting.

Maria said...

But even Peter, who loves wasabi, just mixes in part of the packet into a whole ton of soy sauce.

The kids just saw a "mythbusters" episode (discovery channel) and discovered that milk is the #1 cure for spicy mouth with water being #2. Wasabi was actually tried as a "cure" but obviously it came in last!!